”Cēsu plosti” offers canoe boats ”ALBA” (2 seats) and Kayak. Boats are comfortable safe, stable and fast. By boat you can stop at any desired place on the shore. ”Cēsu plosti” offers a variety of developed routes, you only have to choose the most suitable for you. For safety, a life jacket is issued to each person. A boat trip will be a great recreation in fresh air. Everything for a great adventure with family, friends, relatives or colleagues. Apply for a boat trip right now, and let’s go boating together!


Jāņrāmis – Cēsis

Around 10km long route. This route will be a great recreational trip from easily accessible Jāņrāmis to Cēsis bridge. On the route you will see the Eagle cliffs, which are a great sightseeing place both from the raft and the coast. Eagle cliffs are equipped with stairs to observe the fabulous landscape.


Around 18 km long route. This route is the most popular and most beautiful rafting route down the Gauja river.  On the banks of the river there are sights of Briedīšu, Vecupes, Edernieku, Leimaņu un Sprinģu rocks. Beautiful Ķauķu cliffs with class I to III rapids. The final destination of the route is the ferry across the Gauja river in Līgatne.

Jāņrāmis – Līgatne

Around 28 km long route, 7-8 hours. A great recreation route with landscapes of the Gauja National Park. On the banks of the river there are sights of Red cliffs, a railway bridge over the river Rauna, Kazu rock, Ramatu cliffs, Liepas rock, Sietiņrock, as well as Eagle cliffs.

Together with ''Cesu plosti'' summer will be more fun!